Class of 2021 Academic Awards

LJHS Seniors Awards:
Academic Excellence/ Principal Awards

Alkafaji, Ruaida
Babcock, Julia
Baglin-Bunod, Yann
Baia, Francesca
Balanzar-Flores, Juliana
Bark, Allegra
Brazell, Ashley
Brazell, Rachel
Broido, Blythe
Calatroni, Cecilia
Ceniceroz, Socorro
Couris, Theo
Cruz, Caleb
Dinofia, Alexandra
Elmaghraby, Joseph
Eslamian, Ella
Espinoza, Abby
Evans, Terra
Fricovsky, Edward
Grunski, Lilly
Grushkevich, Roni
Hansen, Aisha
Hargens, Rekha
Hargens, Roshan
Heller, Emily
Kim, Lauren
Larsen, Kirsten
Laurent, Brice
Liu, Cali
Lusk, Raegan
Luu, Alexis
MacDonald, Kate
MacDonald, Marjorie
McMillan, Jack
McMillan, Patrick
Nitahara, Lauren
Redfern, Chloe
Reynoso-Spurrier, Connor
Rubio, Sabrina
Shimp, Tanner
Simpson, Tyler
Snyder, Taryn
So, Madeleine
Supple, Nachesa
Takata, Emerson
Tchernov, Artem
Thompson, Alexa
Tomasulo, Amelia
Wegerbauer, Ava
West, Alexander
Winograd, Benjamin
Wittkow, Ahna
Yachanin, Alexa
Bark, Allegra
Barton, William
Brazell, Rachel
Broido, Beatrice
Brown, Nicholas
Bugelli, Rhys
Caltroni, Cecilia
Chang, Derek
Hackbarth, Natalia
Hansen, Aisha
Iben, Claire
Kim, Lauren
Korevaar, Kevin
Kritsuk, Eugenia
McInerney, Marshall
Reikes, Cameron
Roy, Siddharta
Ruff, Bruce
Ryan, Lila
Ryan, Sophia
Tomasulo, Amelia
Wang, Travis
West, Alexander
Black, Colgan
Black, Croix
Chao, Richard
Chen, Bohan
Friedman, Leo
Laurent, Brice
Llewellyn, David
MacDonald, Marjorie
Park, Kevin
Pauker, Grant
Simpson, Tyler
Zhou, Eric
MacDonald, Marjorie
Zhou, Eric
Hanna Agardh
Julia Babcock
Yann Baglin-Bunod
Francesca Baia
Allegra Bark
William Barton
Colgan Black
Croix Black
Rachel Brazell
Beatrice Broido
Nicholas Brown
Rhys Bugelli
Cecilia Calatroni
Derek Chang
Richard Chao
Bohan Chen
Theodore Couris
Flynn Dartland
Ella Eslamian
Jack Evans
Leo Friedman
Aaron Goldberg
Lilly Grunski
Roni Grushkevich
Aisha Hansen
Rekha Hargens
Roshan Hargens
Emily Heller
Tahseen Hussain
Claire Iben
Lauren Kim
Mason King
Kevin Korevaar
Eugenia Kritsuk
Lauren Langbort
Kirsten Larsen
Brice Laurent
Cali Liu
Nick Liu
David Llewellyn Smith
Alexis Luu
Kate MacDonald
Marjorie MacDonald
Amaya McMillin
Hannah Nightingale
Kevin Park
Grant Pauker
Aviram Raj-Silverman
Chloe Redfern
Cameron Reikes
Connor Reynoso Spurrier
Bruce Ruff
Sophia Ryan
Maya Schultz
Tyler Simpson
Emerson Takata
Artem Tchernov
Amelia Tomasulo
Tynan Walsh
Ethan Wang
Travis Wang
Jack Weinberg
Alexander West
Eric Zhou
David Llewellyn Smith - 4.88 GPA
Richard Chao - 4.90 GPA
Eugenia Kritsuk - 4.90 GPA
Brice Laurent - 4.90 GPA
Marjorie MacDonald - 4.90 GPA
Tyler Simpson - 4.90 GPA
** Descriptions & explanations of awards.**
California Scholarship Federation Life Members: Requires CSF membership for at least 4 semesters-one of which must be earned in the senior year.
National Merit Commended Award: Students who score 200 or better on the PSAT as Juniors.
National Merit Scholarship Finalists: These students have demonstrated high potential for future academic accomplishment by distinguished performance as a Finalist.
National Merit Scholarships: This scholarship is given in recognition of academic promise and distinguished performance in the competition of the present school year.
Cum Laude Society: Students are selected for membership on the basis of demonstrated good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of their school life. A chapter may elect not more than 20% of the senior class who have demonstrated academic excellence in the college preparatory curriculum.
Award of Excellence: Administrators and counselors select the student. The student must be outstanding in academics and citizenship, a leader, a motivator, and role model for all students at LJHS. A perpetual plaque is displayed in the administration building
Salutatorian: Student grades are calculated by second highest weighted GPA (grades 10 through first semester of grade 12).
Valedictorian: Student grades are calculated by highest weighted GPA (grades 1 through first semester of grade 12).


Scholar Departmental Awards:

Students are selected (within each department) by staff members who believe the student to be outstanding in the subject area and have contributed significantly to the quality of the program.
ART ………………………………………………….. Amaya Bishop
I met Amaya Bishop in Person for the first time when we returned to campus in person. I have otherwise only known her online persona. Amaya has been taking the AP Studio Art Class and has Spearheaded the Student Green Dragon Art Showcase. Her ability to plan, organize and promote the event seems effortless on her part. Amaya has created some very meaningful art pieces and expresses her ideas very well with artist statements and written proposals. Amaya has truly contributed to the class and I am glad to have known her in this short time of school in person this year. Best wishes for her College experience this fall.
COMPUTERS ………………………………………………….. Eugenia Kritsuk
This is the first year I had Eugenia in class. Eugenia has been a fantastic student in AP Computer Science. She is an extremely talented programmer. She has an inquisitive mind and is always looking for the best method to solve a coding problem. She demonstrated valuable leadership skills in class. Also she is fantastic in music trivia, always dominating our classroom competition.
Dominic has such a fantastic range of talent it’s hard to place him in any, one category. This year, he participated in our “Radio Theatre” production and “10 Worst Breakups of All Time”. In each of these productions he completely stole the show. It’s a crying shame that we were not able to do a musical of productions this year, Dominic would have been amazing in CHICAGO! Thank you Dominic for all you have done for us and for being such a positive influence on others. We wish you the very best and hope you will keep theatre in your life forever.
ENGLISH ………………………………………… Marjorie “Jorie” MacDonald
Jorie was selected by multiple English teachers at a recent English department meeting as an outstanding all-around great reader and writer.
CERAMICS ………………………………………………….. Colgan Black
Cole is an outstanding student, and after such a short time in the studio shows great dedication and talent. His enthusiasm and spirit are contagious! his peers are drawn to him while he is working. Cole is willing to take risks with new methods and techniques, always with a positive attitude. I know Ceramics and the Arts will always be a part of Cole’s life and be a positive creative outlet.
GRAPHICS ………………………………………………….. Leah Lowe
Leah Lowe was my computer graphics student during quarter 1 and quarter 3. Because of this, I did not get to know her in person. This is sad because I found that she strived to do good work, and demonstrated an ability to improve on her work with the assignments she turned in. Culminating projects like the Magazine Cover, the How-To poster and the Magazine Spread were not perfect, but she showed improvement as time went on. Secondary projects like Vectoring Hair showed me that Leah has a bit of artistic raw talent that caught my eye. Students like this need to be recognized. I wish her the best of luck with whatever endeavor she pursues.
WOODSHOP………………………………………………….. Oliver Mendel
Oliver Mendel has been a student of mine each of the 4 years he has been at La Jolla High School. I realized quite quickly that he loves to work with his hands, and has a knack for solving problems and fixing equipment. He developed into a person I could trust while in the shop, and always went out of his way to help when asked. During class he might “turn a bowl” on the lathe (his favorite tool) in the shop, then go home and rebuild a motorcycle engine. This young man is always out doing, learning, creating and working hard! He has so much talent and ability at such a young age, I know he will grow to be a highly successful business owner one day. He will be missed around here. Good Luck Ollie!
VIDEOGRAPHY………………………………………………….. Porter McCabe
Porter has been an integral part of our broadcast journalism / photography Department for a few years now he's been innovative by starting new segments for the bulletin . His creative editing and photography skills have been enjoyed by many.
VIDEOGRAPHY………………………………………………….. Nate Sabban
Nate Sabian has been involved with all my programs over the past 4 years; he's always been an encouragement to others. He's always willing to let me share his videos to other classes because he has them done so quickly and professionally. Because of that his videos, and photography encourages other students to Excel and come up to his level of professionalism.
MATHEMATICS - In a year where Calculus/Linear Algebra/Discrete Math were on line for the entire year, theses 4 students stood out from their peers:
………………………………………………….. Beatrice Broido
Beatrice demonstrated exceptional curiosity and diligence that led her to excel in mathematics!
………………………………………………….. Gloria Devitt
Gloria consistently asked excellent questions that demonstrated her deep thinking and understanding of the topics!
………………………………………………….. Eugenia Kritsuk
Eugenia was energized by tackling the most difficult problems!
………………………………………………….. Brice Laurent
Brice led the class with original ideas and creative problem solving skills!
MUSIC …………………………………………………… Madeleine So
Playing music on zoom presented its own challenges and Madeleine was consistently open to new approaches during class sessions. Deleine has a very bright musical future ahead of her.
SCIENCE ………………………………………………Beatrice Blythe Broido
Beatrice Blythe Broido has been an excellent student in all of her classes. She always strives to understand and in the process, ends up with the best grade in class. Blythe has actively sought out internships in the greater San Diego Community since she was able and has had a chance to participate in a variety of programs that have helped increase her comprehension and interest in science. Blythe is also very understanding and helpful with her peers. She is ready and willing to help others when they come to her. They know they can rely on her for a good explanation and a helpful word.
SOCIAL STUDIES ………………………………………………….. Cali Liu
Cali is a phenomenal student. She has shown herself to be a diligent student throughout all of the courses she has taken in the Social Studies department. She pays thoughtful attention in class, demonstrates an exceptional level of intellectual curiosity, and approaches all assignments with a positive attitude and tremendous attention to detail.
LATIN ……………………………………………… Connor Reynoso Spurrier
Connor is an extraordinary student. He is thoughtful, industrious, and full of intellectual curiosity. Connor searches for answers, and when the answer isn't apparent or easily understood, he goes the extra mile to figure it out and teach himself something new. Connor is cheerful and always eager to learn, and I consider myself lucky to have had him in my classes for four years.
SPANISH ………………………………………………….. Nick Brown
Nick is a nice, humble, hardworking and intellectually curious / tremendous student. He is interested in learning spanish and has a love of language. Nick is thoughtful, conscientious, and always willing to help others.
Kevin Park
Caleb Cruz
Kellen Brinton
David Llewelln-Smith
Richard Chao
MATH TEAM: Kevin Park
Kevin has led the math team at LJHS and Muirlands through a pandemic! His exceptional intelligence, excellent organization skills, and calm demeanor has allowed the teams to up their skills and continue to compete on-line this year. Additionally, he is one of our strongest individual competitors. It was a pleasure to work with him.
LA JOLLA HIGH MOCK TRIAL TEAM: Marjorie “Jorie” MacDonald
Jorie led the Mock Trial Team through one of the most unique competitions the team has ever faced, a complete competition conducted online through Zoom. Through her hard work and organization the Mock Trial Team placed 8th in the team over all (should have been higher) competition and had one of the best performances of any team I have sponsored since my time here at La Jolla. She faced a very challenging year and rose to meet this challenge proving to be a great president and leader for the club.
Emily has been a member of our Speech and Debate team from the very beginning. This past year she served as Vice -President and active participant in both Speech and Debate. Emily also created many educational videos to help our new members acquire the skills needed to participate in this very demanding league. We owe her continuing thanks and appreciation for all she has done for our team.
Seniors Awards:


Jessica Altamirano will be the first in her family to attend college. She will be pursuing her passion and preparing for a career in education.

Edgar Bermudez will be attending California State University, Los Angeles in Fall 2021.

Ben Davis will be attending The University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2021. He will be part of the prestigious Global Management Program in the Hass School of Business.

Alexia Guardado will be the first in her family to attend college. She will be exploring a career in Art Therapy.

Ixchel Ramirez will be attending San Diego State University in Fall 2021. She will be pursuing a career in sports medicine.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez will be the first in his family to attend college. He will be attending the University of California, Mercedin Fall 2021 to pursue a degree in computer engineering.


Maya Schultz has shown such a love and appreciation for theatre that it is hard to think of a production she was not involved in this year. From “Radio Theatre” to “10 Worst Break ups” and all the way through to our Student Showcase at the end of the year. Maya has always been an inspiration to all the students around her. She is an amazing spirit that will be deeply missed at La Jolla High in the years to come. We do know, however, that the future will be bright for this young shining star.


Aaliyah Thompson. Although her talents were not put to the test this last year. It is, without a doubt, important that we recognize this amazing young lady and her many accomplishments to our program over the years. She has done just about every job in the world of Technical Theatre but will be most remembered as an amazing Stage Manager. We want to wish Aaliyah the very best in her future endeavors and suggest that you keep your eyes open for her because she will, surely, be a bit hit in this world.


Camila Castro is so deserving of this award it really goes without saying. She is an actress above all others. Commitment, dedication, kindness and talent are all words I would use to describe this young lady. Not only has she served as vice-president and president of both the Drama Club and the Thespian troupe but she has done it all with style and grace. I personally want to thank Camila for all she has done for our department and each of our productions. Camila is off to NYU-Tish in Fall 2021 to continue her growth as an actor and performer. We wish her the very best and hope she remembers us when she becomes famous.


Jessica Altamirano will be the first in her family to attend college. She will be pursuing her passion and preparing for a career in education.


All three of these remarkable students are headed to a 4-year university. We are so very proud of their high school accomplishments, and wish them every happiness and success in their future studies…

Juliana Balanzar-Flores- Point Loma Nazarene (Nursing)

Ashley Cardenas-Jimenez- Point Loma Nazarene (Spanish and Business)

Emilythza Vargas- California State University, San Marcos (Undeclared)

MATTHEW ABRAMS MEMORIAL: Rhys Bugelli he will be attending University of California, San Diego in Fall 2021 to play water polo.

WILLIE CALABRESE MEMORIAL: Levi Lentin he will be attending University of California, Santa Barbara in Fall 2021 to play water polo.

LAS PATRONAS SCHOLARSHIP: Francesca Baia will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles in Fall 2021. She will be pursuing a career in medicine.


Camila Castro will be attending New York University in Fall 2021. She will be pursuing a career in the arts at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts.

Alexia Guardado will be the first in her family to attend college. She will be exploring a career in Art Therapy.

Joshua Lally will be attending the University of Southern California in Fall 2021. He hopes to continue his work as a lifeguard and volunteer while in college.

Kaitlin Witse will be attending California State University, Monterey Bay in Fall 2021 to study marine biology.


Myka Gary- Is an excellent writer who uses her voice for good.


Ximena Hernandez- Will be the first in her family to attend college. She will be studying at California State University, San Marcos in Fall 2021 and hopes to be a Math teacher.


Grady Mitchell- Grady will be the first in his family to attend college.


Alondra Burgos will be attending Chapman University in Fall 2021.


Luis Eusebio will be the first in his family to attend college. He will be studying at Point Loma Nazarene in Fall 2021.


Jordan Mariani


Senior Athletic Awards



Stella Wineman (LJHS Lacrosse & Field Hockey) to play Lacrosse at Ohio State.


Max Smith (LJHS Football & Rugby) to play football at US Naval Academy.

Majorie “Jorie” MacDonald (LJHS Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse: 4.9 GPA) to attend Dartmouth
Tynan Walsh (LJHS Lacrosse: 4.7 GPA) to play Lacrosse at University of Pennsylvania.
Austin Kingston (LJHS Track & Cross Country) at The George Washington University.

Every year the awards a four-year scholarship to the most extraordinary students throughout the country. They are recognized for academic excellence, professional development, and their demonstrated leadership on campus and in the community.

The Commander, Naval Service Training Command, takes great pleasure in presenting the National Navy ROTC Scholarship, valued at $200,000 dollars individually for Yale University to both:

Colgan Black

Croix Black
Diego Solis (LJHS Football, Basketball, & Track) to play football at University of Chicago.


** Descriptions & explanations of awards.**
Distinguished Athlete Award-Marines: Student is recognized as an exemplary young citizen and role model for younger students, and has exhibited the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete.
Edward Teagle Memorial: This scholarship goes to a deserving cross-country or track & field athlete. The criteria include academic and athletic achievement, respect of teammates and contribution to overall team effort as exemplified by Mr. Teagle.
Brent Woodall Scholarship: A victim of the terrorist attack on 9/11, Brent was an outstanding student athlete who graduated from LJHS in 1988. The award is given to a student athlete who best combines the academic excellence, athletic achievement, leadership and outstanding citizenship exemplified by Brent Woodall.

** Descriptions & explanations of awards.**

La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation: Selection criteria are based on GPA, citizenship, and plans for continuing education, community and school involvement. Applicants submit an essay and are interviewed by Foundation members.

Matthew Abrams Memorial Scholarship: Matthew was an outstanding student athlete who graduated from LJHS in 1999. Matt Abrams MVP Scholarship Award is awarded to the team's Most Valuable Player. Matt passed away in 2018 after battling cancer. The award commemorates Matt's fierce competitive spirit, his love of water polo, and his love of his teammates. A perpetual plaque has been placed on the pool deck to recognize Matt, and all of the athletes who have been honored in his name. A $1,000.00 scholarship goes along with the award each year.

Willie Calabrese Memorial Scholarship: This award is given each year to a senior on the water polo team. The award honors Willie Calabrese, who played water polo at LJHS and graduated in 2009. Willie was killed in a tragic fireworks accident in September of 2012. The award recognizes a student athlete who exemplifies Willie's tremendous work ethic, his team first - team last mentality, and his spirit of living each day to its fullest.

Gene Edwards Memorial: Mr. Edwards was La Jolla’s football coach for thirty years. The stadium bears his name, as he was one of the most highly respected coaches in San Diego County. He combined the teaching of football, and other sports, with the highest respect for teammates and competitors. His high standards and mutual respect are the qualifications of the recipient of this scholarship. A perpetual plaque, with names of recipients, is displayed in the administration building.

Billy Harris Memorial Scholarship: Mr. Harris was the Head Counselor at LJHS for twenty-two years. He was one of the founding members of the Scholarship Foundation in 1974. LJHS was his love and his family. He kindly bestowed the bulk of his estate to the students of LJHS through the Scholarship Foundation.

Las Patronas Scholarship: Sponsored by the LJ-based philanthropic organization, this scholarship is given under the umbrella of the La Jolla High School Scholarship Foundation. Annually, before funding a variety of SD County non-profit organizations, Las Patronas sets aside two awards to be presented specifically to outstanding graduating seniors at LJHS. Funds are raised primarily by the annual presentation of the Jewel Ball. Selection criteria is based on GPA, citizenship, plans for continuing education, and community and school involvement. Applicants submit an essay and are interviewed by Foundation members. Las Patronas is committed to providing financial support to non-profit organizations that provide valuable community services in the areas of health, education, social services and cultural arts in San Diego.

Bud Muilenberg Memorial Scholarship: This award is given in memory of a La Jolla High School English teacher who inspired his students to commit to the highest goals of literacy. He especially respected those students who were willing to see in language the power of self-expression, and the means to civilized discourse. This award acknowledges the student who through hard work and revision becomes articulate and self-confirming. A perpetual plaque, with the names of recipients, is displayed in the administration building.

Art Northrop: A former counselor at La Jolla High School, Mr. Northrop is well known for his diligence in pursuing educational success with all students. His perseverance and persistence have sent many students on to greater walks in life by achieving goals that would never have been met without his support. Mr. Northrop is one of the original creators of the La Jolla High School Scholarship Foundation.

Laura Oswald Memorial Scholarship: Laura graduated from La Jolla High School in 1981. At La Jolla High, and throughout her life, Laura was known for her kindness and thoughtfulness. She was always ready to tell a story or listen to one, with a friend, and she was generous with her time and attention. Like a hummingbird, Laura would zip from friend to friend, sipping the stories from each. One friend remembers coming to La Jolla High as a transfer student from Bishop's and not knowing anyone - Laura was the first person to start up a conversation with her - and even invited her to an after school club activity that same day.

Laura went on to San Diego State University, and a career in graphic design, but her friends and family were always a top priority and she made sure they knew it. Her large circle of high school friends call her the "glue" of their group - she was always the person who made plans and got people together back in the day, and that continued into adulthood. When Laura became seriously ill, her friends banded together to help take care of her and keep her comfortable, and have continued to get together in her honor since her passing in 2014.

Vic Player Memorial Scholarship: Victor “Vic” Player Social Science teacher at LJHS, 2003 & 2004. Vic was a former football, soccer, and track and field coach at Lincoln High School spanning over 4 decades. He was remembered by former Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen for making him the person and athlete he became. Vic was an avid champion of academic success, community service, while excelling on the athletic pitch. He finished his last few years in San Diego Unified School District teaching La Jolla High School and left an indelible mark on both the student body and the social studies department.

Jess Soriano: Auto shop teacher who inspired all of his students to make a difference in their lives through education. Many of the VEEP students relied on him as a mentor.

Patty Villarreal Scholarship: The scholarship was founded by Patty Villarreal and Mailee Ferguson, scholar-athletes and graduates of LJHS. Each year, one or two first generation college bound LJHS sophomores are selected and provided mentoring,leadership training, summer internships, and college guidance. Upon acceptance to a college or university students receive a scholarship for academic dedication, leadership potential, and athletic involvement.

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