College Entrance Exam Information

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What tests do I need to take to get into college?

Visit the website for the Universities/Colleges that you are applying to in order to make sure you meet each school's testing deadlines.

Community Colleges do not require entrance exams. However, you will be required to take math and English placement tests when you apply to determine your math and English levels for course enrollment.

California State Universities (CSUs) and University of California schools (UCs) are all test BLIND. They will not consider your SAT or ACT scores when reviewing your application. If you submit AP scores, they will consider those. If you have an ACT or SAT score, you can submit it once you have been accepted. They will use the score for math or English placement. 

Private Colleges and Universities: Georgetown, MIT, the public schools in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, and the military academies are requiring SAT or ACT test scores. Most schools are still test optional for the SAT OR ACT. See the individual website for each school's admission requirements. Although most colleges do not require the writing portion, it is best to look at what the schools you are applying to require.

If you are enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP) course, it is strongly recommended that you take the AP test for that course in the spring. Advanced Placement tests are given here at LJHS and you will need to sign up during the registration period. For more information see your AP teacher or the LJHS AP Testing website.

PSAT Information

The PSAT is the practice test for the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test). It is offered one time a year in the fall. Juniors may sign up during the registration window. Students will receive their test booklets back as well as a score report with information about ways to improve scores.

ACT Information

See the links below for information about the ACT test.

ACT Test Dates and Fees

ACT Fees

Sign up for the ACT

Send ACT Scores - to a College/University or a scholarship provider

Which should I take? ACT and/or SAT? See handout from Noodle Pros: SAT-ACT Handout-NP.pdf

Take a full-practice ACT and a full-practice SAT to see which one you like better. Colleges accept both, so there is no difference as to which one you choose to take. Once you decide which test to take, sign up for an official test in the spring of your junior year. 

SAT Information

See the links below for information about the SAT tests.

SAT Test Dates and Fees 

Send SAT and/or SAT Subject Test Scores - to aCollege/University or to a scholarship provider

Which should I take? ACT and/or SAT? See handout from Noodle Pros:SAT-ACT Handout-NP.pdf

Test PrepWebsites

Vocabulary Builder

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Test PrepServices




Khan Academy:



Winward Academy

Wells Academic Solutions

Princeton Review

Revolution Prep

Wells Academic Solutions


University of San Diego



Be sure to look at the school’s portal for further information. They will let you know if they require a placement test. We recommend checking your portal, your email inbox, junk box, and spambot twice per week in order not to miss anything. 

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