College Application Protocol

College Application Protocol for Current LJHS Students

Student/Parent must first provide authorization to release records- this is done by checking YES on number 32 of the registration form: Authorization to Release Records

This is known as the FERPA waiver, and you need to sign it electronically too. To do so:

    1. Create your account on the Common Application
    2. Fill in your profile and education information
    3. Request Teacher Recommenders
    4. Then FERPA waiver appears. check the box agreeing
  1. Go to Naviance under 'Colleges I'm Applying To'
  2. You will be told to Match with the Common Application
  3. Enter the email address you used when you created your Common Application account
  4. Once the two email addresses match, the line will turn green and the FERPA waiver will be signed

If you are applying to a private school not on the Common Application, the FERPA waiver will appear on the college's School Report which you will bring to the Registrar (see below).

For current LJHS students to order transcripts:

  1. Provide Authorization (use lik above)
  2. Complete Transcript Request Form
  3. Request on "colleges I'm applying to" area in Naviance.

(note. no transcripts are needed when applying to UC or CSU schools and some out of state public schools. check the college's website to be sure)

For Common Application Schools, Out-of-State public schools and Private schools not using the Common App:

Create an account the appropriate site ( or from the school's website if not using Common App)

  • Be sure your email listed matches your Naviance email
  • Keep your login and password information for each school in a safe place

NOW…complete the following with these people IN PERSON:

  1. You MUST see the registrar to confirm your request for transcripts. Naviance will not send your notification of request to the Registrar. you must do that in person.
    Naviance is a tool to help students, counselors and the Registrar keep track of the status of your college application paperwork.
  2. For NON-Common Application Schools, you must print out the part of the application called the Secondary School Report/School Report Form/Counselor Evaluation (two pages, printed back-to-back)
  3. Bring stamped envelope addressed to the college IF it is indicated on Naviance that the school forms will be sent by mail (there will be a stamp icon on Naviance by the college if documents will go by US Postal Service).

You must speak to your counselor personally

  1. Complete Student and Parent Input on Naviance ('About Me' under 'Surveys')
  2. Complete your Resume. either on Naviance or one you create yourself
  3. Bring these together with a draft copy of your essays. submit all together to counselor

You MUST speak PERSONALLY to your teacher to request they write you a letter.

When they agree, bring them:

  1. A list of schools to which you are applying and the date the application is due!
  2. An unofficial transcript copy (which you have received from the registrar)
  3. A teacher Evaluation Form from any school NOT using the Common Application
  4. A stamped/addressed envelope for every college which does not accept electronic documents

* Check and see if there is anything else the teacher would like you to give them.

* Don't forget to write your teacher a thank you note. these recommendations take time!

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